ASG Eye Hospital Jaipur

ASG Eye Hospital has launched their first super speciality centre for Retina & Cornea at their newly opened branch in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur. The hospital has been launched with the mission to provide quality vision to the people by delivering the best of ophthalmology treatments.

ASG Eye Hospital Jaipur

ASG Eye Hospital Jaipur

Dr Arun Singhvi- Director ASG Eye Hospital said “ASG Eye Hospitals offers top of the line technologies and machines for eye care. Residents of Jaipur now have access to the word class eye care.

The hospital will offer treatments like Phakic and multi focal IOL. It is equipped to treat complex eye diseases which affect corne and retina easily and safely. The high end machines like ALCON do away with the need of stitches during retina surgery.

Dr. Abhishek Saraf and Dr Anoop Kishore Gupta will head the Centre for their respective departments of Cornea and Retina. Super Speciality Centre will offer consultation for medical and surgical management of the full range of routine, complex and high-risk corneal and external eye diseases in addition to ultra modern departments of other eye services.

In addition to serving as a regional resource for managing ocular trauma, chemical injuries, difficult and sight-threatening external eye diseases this centre offers a variety of innovative surgical techniques which includes Descemet’s Stripping, Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK), a new technique of sutureless corneal transplant for endothelial pathologies , INTACS and Phakic IOLs that helps in achieving visual rehabilitation, Amniotic membrane grafting for chemical injuries and non-healing ulcers and Lamellar keratoplasty (DALK), a delicate procedure which replaces outer layers of the cornea with layers from a donor cornea.

About ASG Eye Hospital Jaipur

ASG provides services in all subspecialties of Ophthalmology with its surgeons having vast surgical experience and expertise. While graduating from the medical school, we vowed to bring smiles back on the faces of suffering humanity. After rigorous surgical training at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi for more than five years and further refinement at United Kingdom, we finally embarked upon our vision which has now which has came true as ASG GROUP OF EYE HOSPITALS. Specialty surgery is the highlight of ASG which includes advanced Vitreo Retinal surgery for treatment of complicated Retinal and Vitreous disorders, Squint, Oculoplastic surgery which include treatment for different of eye tumors and cosmetic eye surgery. All our specialists are Ex. AIIMS alumni.


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